Blind-ticket €30 (SOLD OUT)
Boat-ticket €7,50 (SOLD OUT)
Groupticket (6 persons): €150 (SOLD OUT)

If you prefer not to buy a ticket now, but to be notified in case the current rules are relaxed and we’re able to have a non-distanced version of the festival, you can sign up for the waiting list ->

We’re still strongly hoping that the 1.5 meter measure will be lifted in September, and when it happens, we will be ready for it! For now however, we are preparing the festival in a smaller form, applying the 1.5 meter regulations. This won’t be possible in the venues we’ve used last editions, as they are simply too small.

So right we’re looking at two options: If the 1.5 meter measure is not lifted in October, Left of the Dial will take place in a venue called Maassilo. It’s a beautiful historic grain silo, easy to reach by public transportation and big enough to welcome you all. However, if all regulations are lifted, everything will be ready to let the festival continue in its old form, back in the center of Rotterdam, in different venues and with more visitors.

We fully understand that not even knowing exactly where the festival is going to take place, is far from ideal. We really want to do everything humanly possible to make Left of the Dial the best, most fun, yet safest festival ever and we sincerely hope you understand that in order to this, we have to work out these two scenarios.

If you need help with our ticketing system, you can’t decide in which part of Rotterdam to book a hotel, or if you have any other questions, let us know, we’re more than happy to help. You can send us an e-mail at

Left of the Dial is a showcase festival for alternative music that takes place on October 16 and 17 in the city center of Rotterdam. You can register for the waiting list via As soon as it is clear whether there is room for extra visitors, you will receive a message.

As we speak, we are working tirelessly and in high spirits to ensure that Left of the Dial 2020 becomes the best festival ever.