CLICK HERE for Left of the Dial tickets

Walk-Up Ticket: €40,-
Left of the Dial is going to start!

Left of the Dial hosteldeal: €80,- SOLD OUT
A festival ticket + 2 nights in hostel Ani & Haakien. Best deal ever!

Left of the Dial delegates pass: €100,-
The delegates pass consists of a festival ticket plus that gives you priority at every show and you can participate in the network lunch on Friday afternoon, October 18. Left of the Dial organizes this network lunch especially for everyone who works or wants to be in the alternative music industry.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Highschool: €15,- SOLD OUT
Rock ‘n’ Roll High School is a two day course for young musicians…  in Dutch! We’re terribly sorry if you’re interested in the Dutch music industry, but you don’t speak Dutch, maybe next year will have some English seminars too, you never know!

Bowling with Bands: Free ticket SOLD OUT
There is no grand prize except eternal fame, bragging rights and a cold beer at the bar. More importantly: there are Left of the Dial-bands playing at the Bowling Alley! Order your free ticket now, while supplies last.

Bands on a Boat: Free ticket SOLD OUT
Left of the Dial welcomes you aboard Boot3 to sail across the Maas, seeing Rotterdam at its very best during a two-hour boat trip. And that will be time well spent, as there are also Left of the Dial bands playing on board. Order your free ticket now, while supplies last.