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Former Champ (UK)

"Soothing yet fast paced and melody laden rock songs"

Het powerpop-trio Former Champ balanceert tussen de meeslepende melodieën van Alvvays/Teenage Fanclub en het gitaarspel van The Strokes/Thin Lizzy. Ze brengen rauwe, door melodie gedreven nummers die je direct een serotonineshot geven. Met hun ruige geluid en dynamische schrijfstijl onderscheiden de Britten zich en weten ze de juiste vormen van extase te bereiken.

Former Champ is a power pop trio pitched somewhere between the soaring melodies of Alvvays/Teenage Fanclub and the guitar interplay of The Strokes/Thin Lizzy. Their compositions exude an invigorating quality, characterized by a blend of grit and velocity. Crafting raw, melody-infused and fast-paced songs, delivering an instant serotonin surge, Former Champ attains a rarity that's both exceptional and distinct. They've masterfully tapped into a particular realm of euphoria and affection, channeling a unique brand of ecstasy and love that sets their music apart.

FRIDAY | WORM 1 | 23.10 - 23.50

SATURDAY | PERRON SMALL | 20.20 - 21.00

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