What time does the festival start?
Left of the Dial is scheduled to start at 6pm and end at 1am. Doors will open at 5pm. Please keep an eye on your email and this website as those times are subject to change. We have to be prepared that local regulation might change at the last minute and – for example – requires a earlier curfew.
If you have bought an early bird ticket, it might have different times on it, so always check this website!

What time does Bands on a Boat start?
Some of you might have tickets to the day event ‘Bands on a Boat’. Due to current regulations we can’t fit all ticketholders on the same boat. We’re still trying to find a solution for this minor problem, we’ll inform you a.s.a.p.

If I’m travelling by public transportation, will I be able to catch the last band?
Don’t worry, we’ll make sure the last bands end well in time to catch the last metro.