Are there any tickets left for the festival?
Unfortunately not. Due to all the current restrictions are capacity is very limited and all available tickets have sold out months ago. You can still sign up for the waiting list, or you could try Ticketswap.

I’m on the waiting list, when are you going to announce if there are more tickets available?
We’re terribly sorry, but we can’t tell you yet. It’s depending on a few things. Of course the current measures are an issue, but we’re also still working out the capacity of each room at the Maassilo. We let you know as soon as possible if more tickets come available, promise!
And if you apply for the waiting list you will get a link to our early bird ticket sales for 2021. We fully understand that this doesn’t help you at all for this year’s edition, but it’s all we can do to ease the pain a little!

Do I need to print my tickets?
No need to print your tickets, we can scan them from your phone.

Can I get my money back when the lineup changes?
No, the lineup is always subject to change and no refunds are given if bands cancel.

Will I get my money back when Left of the Dial is cancelled?
Absolutely. If for some reason the (local) government cancels the festival in advance we will refund your tickets. However, if the festival gets shut down at some point during the weekend because people aren’t following the Covid-rules, we won’t be able to refund any tickets, so again: please, please, please behave!