Now that Left of the Dial is canceled, there are a few things you can do with your ticket:

Convert ticket to a passe-partout for 2021
To convert your current Left of the Dial 2020 ticket(s) to a Left of the Dial 2021 ticket(s), please follow these simple steps:

– Send an email to with your name, email address and the number of tickets you want to convert

– The tickets for Left of the Dial 2020 will be blocked and you will receive tickets for Left of the Dial 2021 by email as soon as possible

Request a refund
Do you just want your money back? No problem, you can enter your ticket number here to request a refund. You can choose to request a refund of the total amount, but you can also donate (part of) your ticket.

Please note!
If you do not take any action, your ticket will expire on December 1, so let us know in time what you want to do with your ticket!

I don’t have a ticket yet, but I want one!
Don’t have a ticket to exchange, but do you want to be assured of a 2021 passe-partout? Then buy a ticket here.

I want to support Left of the Dial!
How very nice of you! There are a few options:

– Buy a ticket for 2021 and donate your ticket for this year
– Have all your friends come next year too
– And the best option: buy something in the Left of the Dial store!