How do I pay for food/drinks/merch at the Maassilo?
To avoid congestion at the bar, we work with tokens. You can order these in advance, more information about this will follow. Of course you can also get tokens in the Maassilo, using your debit/credit card.
The food can be paid with debit/credit card. We also try to arrange this option at the merchandise stand, but with 48 bands it may be that your favorite band would rather receive cash. We’ll try to sort this out before the festival starts and let you know!

What are the food options at the Maassilo?
We will announce the entire menu soon, the only thing we can tell you right now is that the menu completely meatless.

Serious? Only vegetarian food?
Yes, only vegetarian food. We feel as strongly about animal welfare as we do about good music, so it was a logical choice for us to only work with animal-friendly suppliers. Trust us, even the most die-hard meat eater is going to love the food at Left of the Dial. And if you really can’t do without meat, you’re free go to the kebab place across the street.

Is there somewhere to leave my coat/bag in the Maassilo?
You can use a locker for € 3 (+ € 2 deposit).

Am I allowed to re-enter the Maassilo?
We have great bands, cold beer and the best food, so why would you want to leave even for a minute? We can hardly imagine, but if you want to leave (and re-enter) the Maassilo during the festival, you can of course. Just get a stamp from the doorman. You do not automatically receive this when you arrive, as we try to avoid direct contact as much as possible.

Is the Maassilo wheelchair accessible?
The ground floor and the upper rooms are easily accessible for wheelchairs. The basement is only accessible by stairs, but if you come in a wheelchair and you absolutely want to see a band in the basement, we’ll gladly arrange some strong people to help you down the stairs.

Please note: the wheelchair entrance is not the same as the regular entrance. To make your visit as smooth as possible, we ask you to email us, so we can make sure someone is standby to guide you in.