We have some exiting news for you! To make up for last year, we decided to add an extra day to the festival: Left of the Dial 2021 will take place on the 14th, 15th and 16th of October. This means more bands, more venues and more fun!

With all recent developments we are confident that a full capacity event can be achieved in the center of Rotterdam this year, so we’re working hard to ensure you a safe and amazing festival. We only sell 3-day passe-partouts and the good news is they are still available for just € 30. Ticket prices will go up on June 1st, so if you fancy 3 days of partying with the best new alternative bands, don’t wait too long to buy your ticket! And please notice there’s no risk in buying your ticket now: if Left of the Dial does not take place for whatever reason, you will definitely get a full refund. Promise! Tickets > 

We’ve already announced The Cool Greenhouse (UK), Home Counties (UK) , Joe & The Shitboys (FO) , Juniore (FR) , Langkamer (UK), Legss (UK), Moa Moa (UK), Souki (UK) and The Pleasure Dome (UK), on Tuesday June 1 we will announce the first brand new names and as mentioned, the ticket price will go up that day, so be quick to join us for the best rate available!


Saturday (17 Oct) 10.15 p.m. (CEST) you could step into a parallel universe to experience Left of the Dial 2020! Despite the cancellation of the festival we would still very much like to show you what it would have been like if we all were at the Maassilo this weekend. Check out our YouTube channel. There you can watch Left of the Dial TV live. And it was awesome (we hope)!



We’re absolutely gutted. Maybe against anybody´s better judgment, but for a long time we believed that we could organize Left of the Dial in a safe way, even in these times. With just a few days to go to the festival the government have issued new regulations and we have no choice but to cancel the festival. Cardholders will be notified as soon as possible about all refund options.

With the cancelation of the festival, a long, nerve-racking period comes to an end. Of course, health comes first, and there are much more important things in life, but for us the festival was a beacon of light in pitch-black times. Everyone who works for Left of the Dial does so out of a deep-rooted love for music. The fact that we have barely been able to perform our normal work of organizing concerts since March has been difficult for us. It was such a relief to still be able to work on the Left of the Dial festival. Although everyday was also unnerving – especially the last couple of weeks – knowing all that work could be in vain.

Rocking horses
It was going to be the greatest festival. We are still very proud of the line-up. We would have loved to show you not only the bands, but also the seven halls of the Maassilo. We had long accepted the fact that everyone had to sit during the performances. That was simply stated in the protocol. But that protocol didn´t specify what kind of chairs we had to use. And so we had a room with wheelchairs, a room with exercise bikes and even a room with only rocking horses. It was going to be spectacular.

It wasn´t meant to be. We are currently looking at the possibility of doing some online sessions, because we’d really like to share great music with you, but if that’s possible, we just don’t know yet.  We promise, as soon as we can say anything relevant about it, we will let you know immediately. Right now we’re going to drown our grief and then it’s back to work as usual.

Thank you
There is nothing left for us to do than to thank everyone who contributed to Left of the Dial. All the bands, the volunteers, the technicians, the production and bar people, but especially all ticket buyers: thank you for your enormous enthusiasm and for your confidence to believe until the last moment that Left of the Dial would happen. We almost made it work!

Stay safe, stay healthy and take good care of each other. Someday everything will go back to normal and then we will see each other again.

Lots of love,

Team Left of the Dial