Merch Store

Did you just see the most amazing band ever? Wanna know where you can buy their merch?

If the band has merchandise with them, it will be sold at Black Widow, stationed right next to Rotown at the Nieuwe Binnenweg 13. Of course all profit of the merch goes directly to the bands, so support them and buy as much as you possible can! Don’t want to carry those full bags all night? Don’t worry, the Merch Store is happy to keep your purchases in a safe space till the end of the festival.

You can also buy special Left of the Dial merchandise, so either way, that place is worth checking out!

The Merch Store opening hours on both days: 5pm – 00.30am
Bands are free to sell whatever they want and more importantly, whenever they want. If they have to leave to go to a next show, they might stop selling their merchandise long before closing time, so hurry to the Merch Store as soon as you can!