Meet: Damefrisør

Dark romantic post-punk played with formidable volumes, that’s UK band Damefrisør from Bristol. This six piece band sounds like Joy Division hijacking Kevin Shields’ vast collection of effect-pedals. Wanted to get to know these sweet boys better? LOTD talked to them, let’s find out! 

Let’s start with something light-hearted, do you have a blooper-reel?
‘’A moment for the blooper reel would have to be when our manager Ollie fell over in a moshpit at one of our shows, and ended up with a huge footprint on his crisp white polo.’’

And could you tell us about the worst experience you’ve ever had at a gig?
‘’The show we played at venue Zed Alley (UK) wasn’t great. We couldn’t hear anything on stage and forgot how to play a few of our songs… not our finest moment.’’

Ouch! All right, let’s move on to a more uplifting subject: What is your favourite venue, and between which artist would you want to be billed?
‘’The Old England in Bristol is our favourite venue that we’ve played, and to be honest we think if we were billed between Janis Joplin and Willie Nelson it would be a great fit.’’

What is the most beautiful fan art you’d ever received?
‘’We played the Louisiana in Bristol and the legendary Big Jeff did a water colour of our singer Kazhi, that had to be the best and only art that’s been made of us.’’

 Which bandmember is always running late?
‘’Nyle and Jamie for sure!’’

At Left of the Dial we love a good afterparty, who can we expect to stay till the lights go on? ‘’Armon and Nyle tend to be the last ones standing whilst Kazhi tends to be asleep on the couch by midnight.‘’

Ha ha maybe that’s the reason Nyle is always running late! And if we’re looking for meaningful conversations, who do we talk to?
‘’Jamie is gunna have to take the title of wisest of the bunch, a very philosophical dude.’’

Cool. Any current artist you would love to collaborate with?
‘’Gotta be Metro Boomin. To have that adlib at the beginning of one of our tracks would be a dream come true. ‘’

And what about music that get played in the band bus?
‘’Artists usually being played in the band bus [Garin’s Toyota Yaris] depends on the mood but can range from DIIV to Travis Scott.’’

What particular item of clothing is long overdue for a comeback?
‘’Leopard print headband, Armon’s currently working on bringing that back! ‘’

We love it! Best movie ever made?
‘’Chicken Run, great movie, legendary Bristol production.’’

Good one! And the last question, any messages for the Left of the Dial visitors?
‘’’Fasten your seatbelt, it’s gunna be a bumpy ride!’ [Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban]. ‘’

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