Who is your best “friend”?

We all have a little bit of Friends in us. Admit it, you might be a real Joey, or maybe somewhat of a Phoebe. And if you’re a single Rachel, surely you wanna find your own Ross during the Left of the Dial festival, so wouldn’t it come in handy to know which “Friends” characters your favorite band members most resemble? LOTD Magazine is here to help!


He plays guitar/synthesis in Vlure. He likes rabbits and he’s favorite subject in school was English. When it comes to Friends, he resembles two characters, depending on how much he did, or didn’t have to drink. So if you see him holding a beer… watch out ladies!


Slashing guitar with the Klittens, only got sent to the principal’s office once. “Allegedly we wanted to set the school on fire, but we actually saved the building from burning down! We saw a trashcan on fire, took it outside and put the fire out. A teacher saw this and completely misread the situation. Don’t know what that says about our reputation.” She had to take a Buzzfeed quiz and got Monica… So she took another quiz only to find out she’s nothing like any Friends character. Apparently she’s exactly like Carla from Scrubs



When she’s not at home cuddling with her cheeky old white Labrador Nevis, she’s on stage playing synthesisers with her bandmates of Vlure. She was a respectful, peppermint tea drinking student who paid extra attention during music lessons. She doesn’t have a thing for Chandler, but we’ve been told that when things get crazy, she might laugh just like Janice. OH MY GOOOOOD.




Fruit Tones front man and our own punky hunk of the week turns out to be a monkey man! Or more specifically a white-headed capuchin monkey named Marcel. He was Ross’s pet during season 1 with a fondness for the song The Lion Sleeps Tonight. We know for a fact that Tom prefers to dance to Let’s Twist Again, but still… we see the resemblance!



The awesome Klittens drummer has recently become a cat-mom. She got herself a four month old cross between an ocicat and a British shorthair with the face of an old grumpy grandpa, so she named him Harold, nickname Harry. Even though she doesn’t watch Friends, she know the difference between Emma and Phoebe. But then again… who doesn’t!




Vlure’s rum drinking bass player had a gerbil for a couple of years that was named Gigi; after the great Gianluigi Buffon. Gigi’s time on earth was short, but appreciated by Niall. He thinks his mysterious ways makes him resemble David, we think it’s more because he’s just as sweet. We just sincerely hope he’s back in time from Minsk to play Left of the Dial!