The ink-black post-punk of Scottish outfit Vlure fits in nicely within the wheelhouses of Joy Division, Eagulls and The Murder Capital. The band recently went on tour with the latter, and caused quite a stir during their first few live bouts. But what makes this band tick? LOTD talked to them to find out everything you always wanted to know about Vlure.

What artists/songs get played in the band bus?
It varies. We have a wide ranging taste throughout the band. Everything from post punk and EBM to the stranger corners of pop production and garage guitar bangers. The van is a great space for sharing that. Niall’s phone, for reasons unresolved, and despite not having the song downloaded, only plays ‘Starlight’ by Muse when connected to Bluetooth. Naturally his phone is banned from connecting. The Pogues however, are always played en route to a show.

Who’s always running late?
The Goldies. Conor & Niall are partial to a late entrance.

Who is the one band member that’ll stay until (and after) the lights go on at the afterparty?
Niall Goldie. Most definitely.

Who’s the wisest of the bunch?
All wise in different ways. Emotionally, artistically and wise through our own individual experiences. However, Carlo being the multi-lingual Dutchman that he is and his ability to withstand year longer in higher education than the rest of us have yet managed, takes the crown.

Be Honest, paperclips: hot or not?

Whatever makes you feel powerful.

With which artist would you love to collaborate?
Baxter Dury, Grimes or Mike Skinner. We’re ready whenever you are troops.

Do you have a blooper-reel?
We have a loosely organized private collection of performance photos that have captured our questionable stage faces. You can gain entry to this file system once you move up to level three of cult involvement.

Do you have a message for Left Of The Dial visitors?
We can’t wait to visit your city, meet you all and bring with us what we are all about. We promise it will be real.

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