Meet: UGLY

Ugly is a six-piece group from Cambridge that plays wonderfully headstrong concoction of indie pop, post-punk and jazz. They play casually and off the cuff yet at the same time appear treacherous, almost annoyingly catchy. But what makes this band tick? LOTD Magazine knows!

Let’s start with the most important question… Do you have a message for Left of the Dial visitors?
Looking forward to seeing you in October, lots of love <3 <3

What artists/songs get played in the band bus?
Like a G6 – Far east movement

With which artist would you love to collaborate?
Ben Folds

Who’s always running late?
Tom and also Harry

Who’s the one bandmember that’ll stay until (and after) the lights go on at the afterparty?
Mr H. Jones

Who’s the wisest of the bunch?
Philosopher Harry, maybe

Be Honest, paperclips: hot or not?
Useful, subsequently hot

Listen to UGLY