Meet: The Klittens

One of the most outright fun bands from the lively Amsterdam scene is currently The Klittens. In casual devil-may-case fashion, these five girls conjure an infectious brand of guitar pop that oozes swagger. But what makes this band tick? LOTD talked to them to find out everything you always wanted to know about The Klittens.

What artists/songs get played in the band bus?
Everything by Bull, everything by KIEFF, Drahla, Personal Trainer, Sugababes – Overload. We did a terrible performance of Overload at one of our first gigs. That’s all we’re gonna say about that.

Who’s always running late?

Who’s the one bandmember that’ll stay until (and after) the lights go on at the afterparty?
Unanimously: Laurie

Who’s the wisest of the bunch?
Three votes for Michelle and three votes for Yael (Laurie voted two times). But Katja chose middle ground and said: Yaël is street smart, Michelle is down to earth, Laurie is good with people and Winnie is organized. Katja is also down to earth and creative.

Be Honest, paperclips: hot or not?
The jury was divided: 2 hot, 3 not.

With which artist would you love to collaborate?

Do you have a blooper-reel?
We don’t have one but the situations that would be on there are our very embarrassing car crashes. For our UK tour we rented a van for the first time and we were so unbelievably careful with it. On our way from York to Carlisle we wanted to check the route so we pulled over in the middle of nowhere in a small village. We entered a small parking lot and didn’t see the small poles in the ground and both scratched and dented the van. We didn’t even really needed to check the route..
When we played in Charleroi we rented a van for the second time. Same story, we were ever so carefully, but after the gig we had to park our van in a super small alley next to the venue. We tried a few times but everyone was telling us what to do, it was nerve wracking. Someone who worked at the venue took over and bumped the van into fence: scratched and dented, again!
This was the last time we rented a van. Both times we had to pay the entire deductible, that money could’ve bought us a van of our own.

Do you have a message for Left Of The Dial visitors?
Don’t tell the doorman that you know Rik G. when you want to get inside for free.