Meet: Home Counties

Left of the Dial early adopters may see some familiar faces when looking at Home Counties. Under the name Haze, this bunch played the Left of the Dial festival last year and left a big impression. They underwent an extreme makeover and this year they will be back as Home Counties. Their earworm “Redevelopment” was picked up by the BBC. Bands like Sports Team, Shame and Pip Blom are also huge fans. But what makes this band tick? LOTD Magazine knows! 

You’ve already played Left of the Dial, do you have any advice for bands playing this year?
“Don’t book to play in Cardiff the day after, we did that last year and it wasn’t the best.”

What happened?
“We did an all-nighter after our set and had to leave at 6am to get back to Cardiff for the Swn Festival. We felt awful and the ferries were all messed up, but luckily we made the Cardiff show with 10 minutes to spare.”

Are you often running late?
“Not really, except for Dan. He was late to a band practice in his own house once.“

What particular item of clothing is long overdue for a comeback?
“The Jacobian ruff is 400 years overdue a comeback. I feel there’s something to say for looking like a dog that’s just been neutered.”

Besides Left of the Dial (of course) what is your favorite festival?
“I’d have to say End of The Road Festival. The site is incredible and the decorations are so intricate, they even carve words into the leaves in the forest. If I could see any artist there, dead or alive, I would definitely see Talking Heads. Since the lockdown started, I cannot stop listening to Burning Down the House and would love to see that song played live.”

What artists/songs get played in the band bus?
“Well we’ve had everything from Robbie Williams to SlipKnot. We like to play national anthems when crossing borders as well.”

With which current artist would you love to collaborate?
“I’d love to work with the Personal Trainer/Pip Blom lot on something one day. We’ve been friends with them for years now, and I was asked to play in PT last year for a show in Bristol which was so much fun. I think it would be great to start some sort of project with them.”

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