Meet: Fruit Tones

Manchester’s garage pop outfit Fruit Tones proves it once again: the raw unrestrained energy of fuzzy guitars and the concise euphoria of pop can be pretty tight bedfellows. But what makes this band tick? LOTD talked to them to find out everything you always wanted to know about Fruit Tones.

What artists/songs get played in the band bus?
Mostly rock n roll, country, blues, pop…all sorts. A few top ones from the last trip: The Stones, Bloodshot, Bill Holiday, Ghosts, Dr. Feelgood, The Animals, Creedence Clearwater… Could go on all day…

Who’s always running late?
Chris Wood. If it’s not him, it’s Walmsley.

Who’s the one band member that’ll stay until (and after) the lights go on at the afterparty?
It’s all three of us or no one.

Who’s the wisest of the bunch?
Probably Tom Harrison…it’s the moustache.

Be Honest, paperclips: hot or not?

With which artist would you love to collaborate?
Ty Segall and Billy Childish

Do you have a message for Left Of The Dial visitors?
“Are you ready to roll?!”

Listen to Fruit Tones!