This 5 piece band from Hull is one of the most promising shoegaze bands from the UK. Yes, these good boys put a more extroverted spin on the genre with colourful, sunny songs that flirt a little bit with bands such as Real Estate, Yuck and DIIV. We want more… you’ll get more, go see these guys at Left of the Dial. But first we’ll get to know them better with the LOTD Q&A. Grab some rum and find out!

Let’s start with the wisest of the bunch.. Who is that?
‘’I’d have to say Joe, he’s always the one who looks after the van keys. But Joe is always having to tell the rest of us how to play our instruments properly. ‘’ I think Joe has a beautiful wisdom about him, like an owl’’.’’

This one is an important one: Who’s the one band member that’ll stay until, and after, the lights go on at the afterparty?
‘’Gotta be Ryan, honestly I’m not sure how he’s still alive.. Don’t expect the lights to stop him grooving. And start a new party the day after.. that’s definitely Ryan!’’

Do you agree Ryan?
‘’God, it’s just me isn’t it…’’

Speaking of a good party, which artists or what songs get played in the band bus?
‘’God.. This is a hard one.. because the varies from Soul II Soul tot Elvis Costello. I’d say the current song that gets us all in the spirits is The Doobie Brothers ‘What a Fool’, Tom Tom Club ‘Genius of Love’, Blur ‘Inertia’, Ulrika Spacek ‘Mimi Pretend’, Outkast  ‘Gasoline Dreams’ and (ALWAYS) The Grandstand theme! Don’t think we’ve had a band trip without the BBC Grandstand theme being blasted out at least once.’’

Someone must be always running late, who’s that in the band?
‘’OH. MY. DAYS.. Danny, our synth player, is always so late it drives us insane. We give him a lift to practice and he is consistently at least 45mims late. We hope you read this Dan and make a commitment to being more timely. In fact, I bet he is late for the cut-off point of this interview.’’

What is your favourite festival and between which artist would you want to be billed (dead or alive)?
‘’I love the Adelphi in Hull more than anywhere I’ve ever been really. It has the perfect gig atmosphere (and drinks are dirt cheap). It’d only be right for Radiohead to grace it once more and I’d probs be crying with joy at the front.’’

What particular item of clothing is long overdue for a comeback?
‘’Them shoes with the goldfishes in, you could literally walk on water.’’

Haha all right!
‘’Or anything suede! And definitely David Seaman’s Euro 96 kit. And don’t forget the bandanas!’’

And what about the best movie ever made?

Fan art, we love it! What’s the most beautiful one you’ve ever received?
‘’I don’t think we have received any yet I know a lot of debt collectors have asked for my autograph though.’’

And you Jordan?
‘’Haven’t ever received any :(‘’

So the Dutch fans know what to do right now! Well, next one: Could you tell us about the worst experience you’ve ever had as a band while on tour?
‘’Dan once tried to jump out of the tour van while he was on ketamin because he didn’t like the podcast..’’

Sounds good, haha. And what about your gig at The Great Escape?
‘’When we had to drive from London to Brighton in 2 hours to make our show, that was absolute HUNGOVER STRESS because everyone decided to have a massive one the night before and stay at different fucking places. But we made it, and fuck, it was a good show.’’

We’ve got one more question left, do you have a blooper-reel? Please tell us!
‘’The first night of a tour we played in Manchester and Jordan (Bass) shit himself after a dodgy spoons, it was fucking hilarious. ”I CAN’T BELIEVE WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY WHERE PEOPLE FILM THEIR MATES SHITTING THEMSELVES INSTEAD OF HELPING” is what I believed he shouted from the other side of the street.’’

Anything left to tell us?
‘’See ya soon, ya crazy Dutch bastards, hopefully we can share a pint or two!’’

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