Drinking with the Stars

You’re hanging out at Left of the Dial when you suddenly bump into someone you’ve just seen on stage. Which drink do you offer them to make them feel at home?

Eyesore & the Jinx

Wanna get the boys from Eyesore & the Jinx a drink? Here’s their favorites: both Joshand Liam are big fans of Guinness. However, if you get Eoghana pint of Guinness, he probably won’t be satisfied, as he loves a glass or two of red wine. 


Serve Nyleany drink with Tequila in it and he’ll love it! Kazhi is a big fan of Magnum Tonic Wine, a drink about which Google told us that “it is known for its intoxicating effects and is said to provide energy and sexual vitality”. Armonis the classiest of the bunch, you’ll make him happy with some nice natural wine or a mandatory pint of Guiness. Garin◄ is also a fan of Guiness, especially if it’s a nice cold pint! Samprefers a bottle of Crabbies, which apparently is not an STD, but an alcoholic ginger beer. Jamie◄ is happiest with a Vedett Extra White, or as he calls it “Videtti” Extra White.


 Daveloves his cream soda, Corey prefers a truth shake, room temp. Tomis a big fan of peppermint tea. Jasmine◄ starts her day with some green tea, and ends it with a gin & tonicHarrison and Sam Both wake up with some coffee, but Harrison is a sambuca guy, and Sam prefers a G&T like Jasmine!


While Katja likes her (iced) tea, ►Yaël prefers Coca cola. She does hate the company, but loves the drink. Michelle about her favorite drink: “Besides from the daily dose of coffee – a nice beer makes me very happy. I recently discovered the ‘Fuut Fieuw from Bird, I really like it. Also, it is named after a cool bird AND it’s a pun (probably only logical in Dutch)“. Laurie would just go for a (free) beer,  or a White Russian on occasions when she wants to feel fancy. Winnie: “I wanted to say coffee, but coffee is mandatory. One of my favorite drinks is tjendol (cendol), an Indonesian drink with coconut milk, ice cubes, palm sugar syrup, jackfruit and green jelly “worms”. You know you’re in a good toko when they serve fresh tjendol. Great on hot summer days“.


 Alexlikes to drink peppermint tea, Hamish prefers a pint of Guinness and Connerloves his Strongbow or Cloudy Apple. Niall◄ adores Rum (maybe you can add add some to Alex’ tea, Niall?). Carlo basically loves everyting that has alcohol in it! Goed zo Carlo, wij ook!


Will loves Bristol Beer Factory’s Independence IPA, but honestly he will drink anything though! Conor has a nostalgic favorite drink; he’s very fond of XT 4, a local ale from when he grew up. Dan‘sGuiness man, Barn prefers Stella Artois –a four pack at a time- and Sam is a fan of any Dishwater ale.


BDRMM’s a rum band. Ryan likes his Old Jay Spiced Rum and Coke, Ice and Lime. Luke prefers to ditch all the extras, for him just a straight up Rum. Keeping in spirit with the rest of the band, Jordan loves Spiced Rum, and Joe prefers a regular Rum and Coke.