Festival Regulations

Left Of The Dial likes to keep things as free and easy as possible, but here are a few important things that visitors should pay heed to:

  • Have respect for each other. Racist, fascist, nationalist, sexist and / or generally irritating behavior will not be tolerated;
  • The organization reserves the right to deny anyone access to the festival at any time, especially if you do not stick to the first rule. In case of doubt or discussion, the festival organization or representative in question is always right;
  • Always follow the instructions of the personnel;
  • Hard drugs, weapons, self-brought drinks, pets, didgeridoos and fireworks are not allowed;
  • With the purchase of a ticket or entry of the festival, you automatically agree with the above conditions.

Money and items are replaceable; your body, however, is not. That is why we would like to stress two more things:

  • Are you being harassed or do you feel unsafe? Report it to the staff wherever you are. This could be someone from the bar, the doorman or one of the volunteers, it does not matter, everyone is ready to help you;
  • Protect your ears. We sell earplugs, so use them. That way, you can enjoy many more gigs in the future.