Visiting Left of the Dial from abroad? Send an e-mail to to buy tickets with PayPal.

Where and when can I exchange my e-ticket for a wristband?
Eendrachtsplein isn’t just the residence of the notorious Buttplug Gnome, here you will also find our Left Of The Dial service counter: a sturdy sea container produced by the company Caru, where our team will be ready and waiting to scan your ticket.

My printer is broken! Can I still come in?
No problem! If you have your ticket downloaded on your phone, we can just scan it directly. Set the screen to maximum brightness, and it’ll be smooth sailing.

I bought myself a combi-ticket! Now, where do I find that hostel?
If all goes well, you have received an e-mail with all the necessary information. You can check in on Friday at Hostel Ani & Haakin at Coolsestraat 47-49. To make it even easier for you, your festival band will be ready for you, so don’t forget to show your e-ticket. You can plunge headfirst into the festival hullabaloo without having to stand in line!

I want to see one particular band at all cost. How will I get in?
We will reserve a total FOUR priority passes for each performance. This allows you tread to past the line and directly inside the venue, no matter how busy it is. Priority passes are given for free on Friday and Saturday between 5 pm and 6 pm at the festival service desk at Eendrachtsplein. We only give away one Priority Pass per person. The first to come are the first to be served!

How does Left Of The Dial’s passe-partout ticket handover service work exactly?
Up to Friday night, half an hour after the final band has performed – or, if you want, sooner –, please report to the festival service desk to hand in your wristband. If you want to exchange your wristband yourself, you will immediately receive a brand new one. If you’re as good as  certain you won’t run into the person you’re giving it to, you can pass on the name of said person and he/she can pick up the wristband at the service desk on his/her own. No hassle trying to wriggle the band off your wrist without breaking it! Left of the Dial has you covered!
But what if you can’t find anyone to hand over your your passe-partout to? And still feel it’s a waste to not let anyone else in on the fun? Then deliver your wristband on Friday and the festival service will make sure it ends up with someone giddy to put it to good use!