Where is Left of the Dial?
Left Of The Dial takes place at different locations, all of them in the center of Rotterdam. To make things easier, consider Eendrachtsplein as the festival’s main hub. Here you can exchange your e-ticket for a wristband.

How to reach the Left Of The Dial?
Left Of The Dial’s locations are about a 10-minute walk from Rotterdam Central Station. If you want to save your legs before running frantically from show to show, you can also take tram-line 4, 7, 8, 23 or 25. All stop at the festival site at Eendrachtsplein, where you can pick up your wristband.
We do not recommend going to Left Of The Dial by car. It’s busy in the city and parking isn’t exactly cheap. Still adamant about traveling by car? Look here for all the different parking options.

How far is it from one venue to another?
From the service desk to each venue:

3 minute walking distance

Club Vibes
3 minute walking distance

NSR Upstairs/Downstairs
15 seconds walking distance

WORM 1 & 2
3 minute walking distance

2 minute walking distance

11 minute walking distance

Black Widow (Merchandise Store)
3 minute walking distance