Bowling With Bands

For those who just want to loosen up their muscles before the festival blasts off again, you can participate in the Left of the Dial Bowling competition on Saturday afternoon. The competitive element will be minimal, however, as there is no grand prize except eternal fame, bragging rights and a cold beer at the bar. More importantly: there are Left of the Dial-bands playing at the Bowling Alley. What better way to kickstart your second day than to roll with your pals?


Bowling With Bands starts at 3 p.m. Tickets to play have sold out. If you want, you can still drop by and see two awesome bands play and have a couple of beers, no ticket needed for that!
Please join us at:
Centrum Oostervant
Oostervantstraat 25

IMPORTANT NOTE! You can only go bowling with a ticket (you don’t have to), but a ticket does not automatically entitle you to a bowling alley. There is only limited capacity and a limited number of bowling shoes. So come early if you want to start rollin’.