Is it safe to visit Left of the Dial?
There are no guarantees, but we’re doing everything humanly possible to make sure everyone will return to their homes in good health after the weekend. We have gone to great lengths to enhance safety levels, but to make it work, we will need your cooperation. In short: please follow directions from our staff and you’ll be fine.
Please note that all measures are subject to change up until the very last moment. We really do want to make things harder for you, but if government requires us to change certain measures, we will!

Which measures can I expect?
The festival follows a specific protocol which you can read here. In short these are the most important rules for you to follow:

  • Upon arrival you have to answer some questions about your health and provide us with your contact details
  • You’re required to keep a 1.5 meter distance
  • In the venue you have to follow walking paths
  • During shows you must be seated

Ventilation is an important factor in preventing the virus that causes COVID-19 from spreading indoors. The Maassilo is equipped with a top notch system that provides the entire building with 100% outdoor air. This also means it can get quite chilly, so if you tend to run cold, layer up!

What can I do myself to make everything run as smoothly as possible?

  • Do not visit Left of the Dial if you have health problems, or if one of your housemates has (signs of) Corona.
  • Wash your hands as much as possible during the festival. Throughout the Maassilo you will find dispensers with disinfectant hand gel, if necessary use it every time you walk by
  • In the elevator facemasks are mandatory
  • Follow all directions carefully. We hate to be so strict, but without all these rules there wouldn’t have been a Left of the Dial at all this year, so please be cooperative
  • Despite of all the regulations, please still try to enjoy yourself!

Are facemasks mandatory at Left of the Dial?
As long as wearing a facemasks at events is not required by law, you do not have to wear one at the Maassilo, except when using the elevator. The elevators are not as easy to ventilate as the rest of the building, so we decided to regard the use of the elevators as a ride on public transportation. This means facemasks are mandatory. Forgot to bring your own mask? We have disposable ones ready for you.

Am I required to leave my contact details?
Yes, you will receive an information email before the start of festival with a form that you must complete and take with you. If you have bought tickets for other visitors, those people must also complete the form and hand it in at the service desk. We will only use your data to inform you in case of a possible Corona outbreak. After the lawfully required period of time we will destroy the forms.

I thought But Corona was a hoax, why so strict?
Some people are convinced that Corona doesn’t exist, some people never dare to go out again and others’ opinions are somewhere in between. We understand every point of view and fortunately it is a free world. Everyone is allowed to express their opinion, however, it is not up to us to participate in that discussion. At the end of the day, there are certain rules that we must (and will!) oblige. We want the best for everyone and we want Left of the Dial to happen. If that means that this year we have to interrogate you upon arrival and have you sit down during gigs, then we will.