Slumb Party (UK)






21.10 - 21.50 hrs

Slumb Party sounds a bit like Lydia Lunch, Roxy Music and XTC entering a playful pillow fight with each other. The angular, danceable rhythms, snaring sax skronks, barking vocalist and jet black guitar bursts are the parts of a surprisingly contagious sum. The type of band you want to stay up for as long as possible, and at Left Of The Dial you’ll immediately know what time it is for this delightfully sardonic noise-laden soiree.


Nospray Presents
Nospray is the new sound in the Rotterdam underground, a collective of three individuals who rummage  the darkest corners of the world for the coolest bands, to ensure that these bands play in Rotterdam. Nospray puts emphasis on contemporary punk, post-punk, garage and new wave music, but they will not shun other sounds that they believe are in that same spirit.


Nospray was founded by Timo Croes and Lukas Jansen of Pig Frenzy and Gary van Niks of local imprint Spazz Records. Since June 2019, the trio has brought myriad international bands to Rotterdam, for example,  Powerplant (UK), Marbled Eye (US), Funeral State (UK) and Never (UK). They also represent burgeoning Dutch bands such as Daisy Daisy and Pressure Pact.

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