Raven Artson - Left of the Dial 16 & 17 oktober 2020 - Rotterdam

Raven Artson (NL)

Date Saturday 17th October
Location tba
Time tba

In the Netherlands, Raven Aartsen is known as the drummer of the late Mozes and The Firstborn. At his new home base Los Angeles, California, however, Raven has built a whole new musical life and legacy for himself. As Raven Artson, the producer, musician and songwriter pens achingly vulnerable abstract pop music, using a wide scope of instrumentation and recording methods to paint surrealistic dream-like imagery. In the meantime, Artson remains a much sought-after name as both a producer and session musician: he left his own singular mark on records by Sevdaliza, Pip Blom and Ray Fuego, among others.

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