Francis of Delirium - Left of the Dial 16 & 17 oktober 2020 - Rotterdam

Francis of Delirium (LU)

Date Saturday 17th October
Location tba
Time tba

We are indeed a wee bit delirious listening to Francis of Delirium. This Canadian-American duo – based in Luxembourg – seems to have walked straight out of a nineties time-capsule. Those gloomy chorus guitars, the frayed, grungy vocal delivery of Julie Bahrich, the casual ennui that wraps around the crisp melodies like an oversized sweater: it all harkens back to an era when hedonism and excess in rock ‘n’ roll gave way to vulnerability and catharsis. Francis of Delirium filter these sensibilities through the lens of today, with influences ranging from Tyler, The Creator to Alice In Chains.

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