Backstage: Promo

During Left of the Dial our crew will film 4 live performances:
– One song per band/artist;
– The song will be edited and released on the Left of the Dial YouTube channel;
– After that, the band/artist is free to do whatever they want with the video.

If you want to be considered for this live registration, please note:
– You have to decide well before the festival which song you want to have filmed;
– The film crew needs to know your setlist;
– The film crew will be on stage for the duration of the song;
– You will need to do a short interview at least, if you’re up for it the crew will be shooting some extra footage of you at the festival;
– We’re spending a lot of money on filming, so when the video’s released we expect you to promote the video the best way you can: share it on your social media, approve a collaborative Instagram post, etc.

Please e-mail us if you’re up for this. Be sure to include your (band) name, contact info and please do elaborate on the (promotional) plans you have for this video!

Closer to the festival we’ll publish a list of all media present at Left of the Dial