Backstage: Useful Information

We totally understand you want to make the most out of your trip to Rotterdam and you might be looking into doing some extra shows on the way to the festival and/or on the way back home.

Although we don’t ask for exclusivity and we are completely fine with your band playing other shows in the Netherlands or surrounding countries in the same period, we’d appreciate it if you can keep us in the loop about other Dutch festival offers in the same period that are coming in.

To save you some time Googling venues and promotors to set up other shows, we’ve already gathered some tips for you. Please note, we don’t own, nor programme any of the venues below, but we know other Left of the Dial bands have had success there in the past, so you might want to give them a try:

The Netherlands
If you are not a dance/electronic oriented act, playing Amsterdam during Left of the Dial will most likely prove difficult since the festival is organized in the same period as Amsterdam Dance Event and EDM basically takes over the entire city. One of the few venues that sometimes still puts bands on that weekend is Cinetol.
Luckily the Netherlands has more cities and venues to play! On this website you can find a list of venues and festivals in the Netherlands, which are all members of the Dutch branch organization for music venues and festivals.

Other European venues
You might also want to look into venues and promotors in Belgium. In Brussels we can recommend: Ancienne Belgique, Café Central and Chaff.
In Antwerp you’ll find Trix and Antwerp Music City and in Ghent you might want to reach out to venues and organisations such as Trefpunt, Democrazy and De Roes.

Germany is a BIG country with loads of possibilities. Looking at cities relatively close to the Dutch border you might want to get in touch with Molotov in Hamurg, Tower Music Club in Bremen or Sonic Ballroom in Köln.
And if you also want to breach out to France, Supersonic in Paris is our absolute favourite!

You can stay in the Netherlands without a visa for a maximum of 90 days in a 180-day period.

If your musical instruments or equipment are in your baggage or a vehicle (‘accompanied’ – carried or taken by an individual in their personal baggage, or a vehicle, which travel with the individual throughout their journey), u an ATA Carnet is not required. You can do this if your musical instruments or equipment are for personal or business use.

If your musical instruments or equipment aren’t accompanied (‘unaccompanied’ – moved as freight by a haulier and/or transport operator where the individual is not present), you have to use an ATA Carnet as a temporary admission procedure.

For more information, please check here

Some artists have applied for subsidies and asked us for more information about the festival, so based on their questions, we’ve made this fact sheet. Feel free to use it and in there’s any information missing, please let us know, we’ll gladly update the document.  Click here to download it.

Artists wristbands will be available for you on show days at the venue you’re playing. If you want to visit the festival other days as well, let us know and we’ll be happy to get you a guest wristband. Please note: if you arrive before your show day, you have to pick up your guest wristbands at the service desk!

There’s only one way for you to put somebody on the guest list: use the link you have received from our production team. This link is valid until 10 pm Saturday the 22th of October. It’s not possible to have your stage manager add any other names, you really, really have to use the link you’ve received. Please tell all your guests to pick up their wristbands at the ticket desk. There are no wristbands available at your venue, so again: please direct your guests to the ticket desk at Eendrachtsplein!