Backstage: Production

Left of the Dial has a staffed merchandise stand which you can use free of any charge. Just drop of your mech, fill in the stock & pricing form and go and play the best show of your life. Before leaving, return to the merch stand to count your merch, sign the form and we’ll transfer all revenue to you via PayPal or bank account (IBAN only!).

Extra merch service (until September 22nd)
Not all bands have merch and we also know that for UK bands Brexit makes it hard to bring their own merch to the festival. We also know that the Left of the Dial audience loves buying merch. We don’t have a solution for CDs, vinyl, etc. yet, but we can help you out with T shirts, long sleeves and sweatshirts! If you want more information contact us before September 22nd:

Parking spaces are scarce in Rotterdam, so please let us know well in advance if you need one.

Artists wristbands will be available for you on show days. If you want to visit the festival other days as well, let us know and we’ll be happy to get you a general wristband.