Backstage: Food & Drinks

After the first edition of Left of the Dial one of the band called us The International Kings Of Hospitality and we’ve been trying to live up to that title ever since. The refreshments may be disappointingly scanty at the venue you’re playing, but that’s because we want you to head over to our artist village as soon as possible. Which is not a real village of course, but the backroom of Rotown where all artists gather to and hang out. Way more fun than sitting around alone at a venue!

We serve great food (all vegan, because we love animals as much as we love bands) and yes, the rumors are true: we have an open bar. And the festival will continue to have an open bar until one of the performing bands abuses our hospitality, or dies of alcohol poisoning. Whatever happens first.

Please, don’t be the person to spoil it for future Left of the Dial bands!

The rules are simple: you can drink as much as you like, but you have to politely ask for it, screaming at the bartender is unacceptable. If you order a drink, you finish it. The free drinks are strictly for artist wristband holders only; if we’ll see you sneakily handing out drinks to The Common People, you will be removed from either the backstage area, or the entire festival, depending on our mood. The Backstage Bar closes each night at 2AM, but you’re more than welcome to hang out in the main room of Rotown till closing time. And the final rule: don’t die of alcohol poisoning! If we see you coming close to passing out, we’ll kindly ask you to go to bed…