Left of the Dial 2023 Poll


Which band should return to Left of the Dial? Get your 2023-ticket and let us know!

To celebrate the fifth live edition of Left of the Dial we’re going to try to bring back your favorite band. Roughly 300 acts have played Left of the Dial since 2018, so there’s quite a list to choose from. Don’t ask us, we love all bands equally, but if you do have a favorite, cast your vote now!

    Poll info:

    • Fill in the e-mail address you’ve used to purchase your 2023 tickets and pick your 3 favorite acts.
    • Did you purchase multiple tickets with the same address? Each ticket is a vote!
    • No tickets for 2023 yet? You may still vote, but it will only count as half a vote. And please realize that we’re going to spam you until you do buy a ticket, so you might as well get your ticket first and then vote.
    • Yes, more bands have played the festival, but some of them have split up since. Probably for a good reason and we don’t want to forcefully reunite any band, so you can only pick bands that are still very much alive and kicking.
    • We will try everything within our power to bring back the acts most voted for, but we’re also depending on availability. In other words: it might take a few months before we can share the results.

    Bands that have played Left of the Dial: