Press & photos 2023

We’re incredibly happy and proud to read so many heartwarming stories from punters and artists, and reviews about Left of the Dial 2023. Here’s some press clippings about this year’s edition of the festival (click name to read full review):

Loud & Quiet – “Personal touches make the Rotterdam new music festival feel like one of Europe’s best.”
Crack Magazine “Wonderful festival . . . That’s Left of the Dial for you; unique, welcoming and gloriously on the pulse.”
Muziscene – “Left of the Dial was once again fantastic . . . for a day or three, the city feels like paradise” (translated)
de Volkskrant – “Left of the Dial is an essential festival for guitar music lovers . . . everyone who has played, tells colleague musicians about how special it is, and wants to return.” (translated)
Dansende Beren Day1Day2Day3 – “In just a few years, Left of the Dial has grow to be one of the best places to discover new bands.” (translated)
3voor12 – “At no other Dutch festival than Left of the Dial you’ll be able to discover as many cool, sensational, rough and smart guitar bands . . . Left of the Dial might be the most hospitable festival ever.” (translated)
NRC – “”This is the best festival ever, fuck Glastonbury!” the hyper enthusiastic singer called out.” (translated)
Beats Per Minute – “UK-based bands really really love Left Of The Dial. I mean, how could they not? Throughout this past weekend, I’ve heard from multiple artists gushing about how well the Rotterdam showcase festival has looked out for them: from the food to the logistics to the pay.” “. . .setting an important new paradigm for both burgeoning and established indoor festivals across Europe and the UK.”
God is in the TV Zine – “It’s quirky, imaginative, has an ethos of sustainability and a duty of care to both artists and gig-goers. Add to that its value for money and location in the heart of Rotterdam, and it’s easy to see why it sold out this year.”
Add to Want List – “It is telling that other attendees (and bloggers/media) followed a completely different program and also had a good time, which is one of the strengths of this very successful festival.”
Luminous Dash – “Left of the Dial consistently books artists in the early stages of their career but at a very high level. This level gets even higher with Rotterdam’s enthusiastic audiences.” (translated) – “Left Of The Dial, the most sympathetic of all showcase festivals, helps keep winter depression at bay.” (translated)
Backseat Mafia – “Every day is filled to the brim with artists worth checking out.”
Retratando Voces – “Another year my favorite festival took place in Rotterdam” (translated)

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