Left of the Dial – The Christmas Special

Left of the Dial is rounding off 2021 -a week early- during the online Christmas Special broadcast! Join the Left of the Dial team on December 23rd at 9PM CET on YouTube for a festive final look at all the amazing artists from this year’s edition of the festival, in a most contemporary manner.

The Broadcast will start on December 23rd at 9PM CET (8PM UK time) on Youtube -> youtu.be/QLSBrJwaN9Y

Featured bands: Baby’s Berserk, bdrmm, Beachdog, Blak Saagan, BLUAI, Blue Bendy, Bryan’s Magic Tears, Bull, C’est Karma, Charlie & the Lesbians, Cheap Teeth, CIEL, Cloudsurfers, Daatura, Dead Finks, DEAFDEAFDEAF, Discovery Zone, Document, Ead Wood, Egg Idiot, English Teacher, Ex White, Elephant, Loupe, Steve French, Fake Turins, FEET, Francis of Delirium, Global Charming, Gwenifer Raymond, Gym Tonic, Hamish Hawk, HEISA, Italia 90, James Sullivan, Jellephant & The Phantoms, Jimmy Diamond , Joe & The Shitboys, Junior , Kalaallit Nunaat, KEG, KIEFF, Krush Puppies, Langkamer, Legss, LINN, Loose Articles, LUMER, Magnetic Spacemen, Malady, Mandrake Handshake, Maripool, MELTS, MEMES, Milo’s Planes, Music On Hold, Nerves, Noa Lee, Opus Kink, Paracetamøl, Petersburg, Pink Room, Pizza Crunch, POM, Pothamus, Private Banking, Qlowski , Rainn Byrns, RAMKOT, Robbie & Mona, Rosie Alena, Saloon Dion, Shaemless, Shelter Boy, Shybits, Smudged, Souki, SØWT, Speedboat, Spill Gold , Stores, Tapeworms, Teddy’s Hit, The Bobby Lees, the Cool Greenhouse , The Guru Guru, The Pleasure Dome, The Rills, The Small Breed, The Waltz, The Zen Arcade , Tiña, Toverberg, Tramhaus, Unschooling, VALA, Vieze Meisje, WHORSES, Wodan Boys, Youth Sector, Yung