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Left of the Dial is a weekend festival for which only passe-partouts are sold, because all the bands playing – both Friday and Saturday – are worth checking out. Nevertheless, we understand that for whatever reason, you can only be present for one day. That’s why we have a special pass-it-on service. Are you planning to only use your passe-partout on Friday? We’ll make sure that someone else can use your ticket on Saturday!

So how does it work?
On Friday evening, after the last band (or earlier), you must report to the service desk to hand in your wristband. If you want to pass on your wristband yourself, you will immediately receive a brand new one. If you do not see the person around anymore, you can pass on the name and then he/she can pick up her wristband later. No hassle with trying to wriggle the band off your wrist without breaking it; sharing is caring, so we got you covered!

If you can’t find anyone to give your passe-partout to, but feel it’s a waste if it ends up not being used? Then give us your wristband and we’ll make sure it ends up with someone waiting to go.

More information about opening times and locations of the service counter here